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Why Driver salary is big problem in Transport industry? How can ERP software solve this problem?

Driver salary is a very big problem, we have given solution to this problem in 3 ways that you can make efficiently in driver salary.

First option is route expense, in this you will decide the same tomorrow model wise between two stations, its corresponding in the same consignment The note will be credited to the driver's account.

The second option is auto meter reading, in this you will define in the truck master, what will be the kilometer charges to the driver, whatever will be the corresponding of that odometer, the driver will be credited

The third option is GPS reading, whatever the car will run by automatically picking the kilometer from the GPS API and the expense will be credited to the driver and I want to tell that it is very easy to pay if you use Happy Card. Directly you can pay in driver's account.

How can ERP software solve this problem?

Some people don't use happay card A very simple process has been made for them too, in that month, click on all the drivers to pay or if you want to do 1 then click and submit it will automatically go to the driver's account and that entry will also go to your bank.

With KATS IPro ERP It has always been the focus that the person working on the system does not need to be very fast to be able to do this work with a normal data entry operator that’s the awesome feature of KATS Ipro EPR Solution Transport ERP.