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Tire and Battery Management Transport Industry in 2022 and how KATS IPro manages Tire and Battery Management?

Tyre and battery is very important part of any kind of Truck because when tyre is in good condition trucks will be moving properly and when battery is running good, truck is running good so that’s why Tire and Battery is very important part for transport industry.

How KATS IPro manages Tire and Battery Management?

Tire and Battery Management is a very critical model of KATS IPro and a very expensive replacement for the Transport Industries KATS IPro ERP Software.

Manages this model very well, no matter what the model is, it is focused that the user does not get into the wrong entry system in any way, so that we are the first Vendor wise.

Tire and Battery Brand Wise Model Wise Rate Contact is made whenever we purchase Tire or Battery.

Its rate comes according to the automatically contact and cannot be changed by the user and very easy way, there is a provision of tire removal, there is a provision for tire removal and we keep track of how many kilometers.

The tire has run on the odometer and it’s Also stock also manage how many tires we have in stock which new purchased or whatever is this comment and also keep details of whatever the tire we sell and many more with comprehensive report so that you can get tire and battery very easy to manage.