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Chit Fund Management Software

Chit-Fund Business Manager

This is a Windows based software application for Chit Fund Companies. It comprises of all the essential facilities and features, which are available on a single desktop. It has all the necessary features like appraisal report generation, dynamic reports generation. This software is flexible enough to add or remove any feature(s) that is relevant to a particular Chit Fund company. It is reliable software with all the security features in it.


Why Chit-Fund Business Manager ?

This software is so simple and easy to understand that it is not at all necessary to be computer literate. A person having Typing Knowledge and some Accounts Knowledge can master this software within No time. The software is made more flexible with the provision to use keyboard. From Last 15 years several ChitFund Companies in New Delhi & All over India using Succesfully.


Features of Chit-Fund Business Manager

  • Chit Account integrated with Financial Account.
  • Mailing List and Customized Passbook Printing.
  • Keeps Track of Subscribers & Defaulter Subscriber.
  • List of Area Wise/Collector wise Arrear Summary.
  • Keeps Track of Bounced & Post dated Cheques.
  • Generates Intimation Card with late fee Automatically.
  • Keeps Track of Prized and Non-Prized Subscribers.
  • Financial Account Posting Automatically and Manually.
  • All Statuary Forms are available in Software.
  • Cash/Bank Receipt and Bank Pay-in-slip.
  • Generation of CF-VIII automatically.
  • Comprehensive Bank Reconciliation.
  • At the time of auction entry you can also find the related subscriber.
  • Email Passbook/Intimation to Subscriber if Subscriber has email Id.
  • Easy to Administer and Configure the Software.
  • Excellent Security Features.
  • Interest Calculation on Chit Loan.
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